Information for New Cowboy Action Shooters

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We take pride in the safety record we have established and must insist that all shooters be proficient and above all safe when shooting with us. Keep in mind that we cannot teach you cowboy action shooting on the day of a scheduled shoot. Please DO NOT expect to shoot if it is your first time at a cowboy action shooting match. Cowboy action shooting is entirely different than other shooting disciplines. Instead, we invite you to visit us as a spectator in order to get a feel for our sport and to become familiar with the safety procedures.  If you are not sure about something that you see or hear, we encourage you to ask questions.  You will find that we love our sport and are more than willing to help you understand all that is going on around you.

Once you have an understanding of cowboy action shooting and are ready to join the fun, we ask that you attend in cowboy costume i.e. cowboy type boots, jeans, long sleeve shirt, and a cowboy type hat.  Under no circumstances will we allow sneakers, shorts, torn pants, t-shirts, short sleeve shirts, ball caps or the like. It is just the way it is.

See the SASSŪ website for more information on costumes.